Please Read Carefully

I consent to take part/any person in my care under the age of 16 taking part at Foxy’s Adventure Golf. In providing my consent I declare that I understand Foxy’s Adventure Golf is not completely free from risk and I am responsible for my own actions when using facility.

I accept that whilst Foxy’s Adventure Golf staff will take the appropriate precautions to prevent accidents, this can never be guaranteed.

I confirm that I am/the person under 16 attending with is physically fit and healthy and I undertake to advise Foxy’s Adventure Golf of any change in this regard. I give consent that in the event of any illness/accident any necessary treatment can be administered to me.

I confirm that I have read through the Course Rules and agree to abide by the Course Rules as laid out by Foxy’s Adventure Golf and to follow the instructions of the staff at all times.

I declare that the information submitted is correct and if any information changes I will notify Foxy’s Adventure Golf.

If a player is under the age of 14, I am authorised to confirm under the laws of England and Wales the player’s participation in said activity and accept they are under my supervision at all times.